How Much Does Imaqtpie Make

His real name is Michael Santana. He is the player of the league of legends and a former player of Team Dignities from where he retired in 2014 to pursue an online streaming career on the platform of Twitch. He is one of the famous League of Legends players and online celebrity who has over 2.6 million followers. He is known for his online streaming of League of Legends. Impaqtpie net worth makes him quite popular. In an interview with Rolling Stone in 2017, he revealed that he earns annually $2million from streaming when asked about how much Imaqtpie makes. Santana is from Margate, Florida U.S.

Twitch and YouTube both provide a great platform to the streamers with a great amount of money. Twitch membership is $4.99. From which Twitch takes a half portion and half is left for the streamer.

Twitch and YouTube both pay based on CPM I-e. Cost per thousand which makes Imaqtpie is getting quite a huge amount of money. He is making money from what he loves and adores to do streaming the league of legend. Sponsorship and other gift are a different story. A content maker is an extremely productive task if you are interested in making money with what you love to do.

How Much Does Imaqtpie Make

Total assets and yearly pay

Imaqtpie alone salary from the Twitch alone is 2million. Twitch partner varies from $0.70-$2.50 while membership from $3.00. Keeping the sponsorship and outer gifts aside. On a normal time, 20000 watchers and $2.00 on full time would yield the $40 per hour and $6400 per month. Imaqtpie makes 252,000 alone from membership of Twitch.

By joining these numbers and the huge amount of $328,800 per year is the earning of Imaqtpie alone from Twitch. This figure excludes all the other online streams from many other social media platforms that may be brought a sizable amount of money. Thinking about the support of sponsorship and following Imaqtpie might make 7 figures annually.

The net worth of Imaqtpie

Imaqtpie has a net worth of $800,000. He plays the game league of legends and posts his analysis video recording on YouTube and also posts the live stream on Twitch.

He is half Cuban and half Colombian. He thought of his name because his mother says he is charming. His style of playing is simple-minded.

His channel has 1.7 million endorsers. Kicking it off in 2018 with 2,000 new subs each day he has managed to gather 550 million views up until this point. On an average day, through different sources, it can get approximately 500,000 views.

This may help him earn an income of around 750$ every day ($270,000 per year) with the demands for the recording of the advertisements YouTube pays 2$ – 5$ per 1000 adaptive perspective when YouTube takes its cuts. Adaptive perspective goes from 40% – 60% out of all the perspectives.

All the results depend upon the different elements which include the viewer’s area, gadget in which it’s played, advertisement stock, number of promotions upon a video, numbers of people avoiding the promotion, commitment promotion, so on and so forth.

The sale point of publicists is decided upon the views it gets and upon which the promotion view’s cost is dependent.

YouTube Red charged the viewer for their month-to-month content which is premium on YouTube without advertisement. You tuber gain an extra amount of money from YouTube Red. On YouTube Red content creator is paid which depend on the watch time of their recordings. The more time their recording is watched the more cash they gain.

With over 1.5 million followers Michael create an additional amount of salary from Twitch. Endorsers pay every month to get highlights and promotion income.


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